Baby succulents!

Have you also fallen inlove with succulents? Cause if you haven’t you need to!! I got some in the beginning of summer from home depot and the Christmas tree shoppes (believe it or not!). Anyway, I love them and I was really impressed I didn’t kill them. I decided to try to propagate them since they were doing so well.

Propagating them is a way of making baby succulents! You very carefully take some of the leaves off of the plant, let them dry out for a week or so then place them on top of some dirt. Easy enough!

I can’t believe that its actually working out for me! I’ve been waiting for them to get some growth and roots before I transplant them, and today was the day to do just that.

I’ve got some crazy cute planters as you can see! And to the right is my planter of the first three I got.

Have you ever tried this? Do you have any interest in it?


Fitness and pain


In August of last year I hurt my neck badly, still to this day I have no idea what’s actually wrong with me. I did physical therapy for almost 6 months with no help and had a ton of tests done that revealed other scary things that could be wrong but nothing to explain the pain I’m in everyday.

I saw a neurologist finally in February and she suggested trying massage therapy for the pain as well as muscle & nerve relaxers. The massage therapy has helped tremendously. I was out of work for two months total due to this mystery pain.

Before all of this happened I was stronger than I had ever been and in fairly good shape, I completed a tough mudder a few weeks before it all went down hill. As I’m getting closer to August again I’m itching to do another one. I had the time of my life when I did the tough mudder!

This week I’ve challenged myself to hit 20,000 steps everyday. I work retail and can easily hit that 10k steps that are suggested daily but my body is already used to that so I’m going to double it!

To start off Monday I did a 3 mile bike ride in just under an hour. I’m currently at 21,000 steps.


I’m very proud of myself for not just coming home after work and crawling into bed which I do often due to the pain. Even though it’s getting better I’m still hurting and hoping for an answer to this mystery.

Google Nik Collection!

Poor Photographer’s Best friend! Have you heard of this? I downloaded it on my new surface the other day, IT IS AMAZING! AND FREE! I believe it’s actually photoshop plug ins but they can run on their own. There are 7 different programs that come with it. I really love the Color Efex Pro and Analog Pro I edited this photo of Matt’s adorable grandparents with both of these.


Last weekend I took the photos for Matt’s Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary party. It was a lot of fun to break out the big guns and play around for the first time in a while. I really do love photography but with a smart phone I’ve gotten pretty lazy. I’m so scared to take my Nikon out and hurt it or lose it.

I’m really enjoying playing with these programs and editing the shots I got on Saturday. Also I’m going to try to come back to the world of blogging again! I swear!



Playing catch up!

Sorry I haven’t posted any of the challenges yet, I am back to work now & I’ve been a busy bee!
However I’m working on catching up!


Power, round, exotic, tower, gentle, and cookie! I love how my bb8 turned out!


Only four lyrics so far but they are all meaningful to me.
1. Arrow by Kacey Musgraves
2. Independence by The Band Perry
3. Home by Miranda Lambert
4. Human by Ellie Goulding

My music taste is kinda funny, I LOVE Ellie Goulding to death! But other than that I mostly listen to country music though. How are some of your favorites? And are you doing any creative challenges?

March challenges!


The first challenge I’m planning on doing is this doodle one and I’m making up my own as well! 31 days of song lyrics to practice hand lettering more!
I am going to use as many different artists as posible, I don’t have a very wide range of artists I listen to admittedly but I’m gonna try!
I will be posting both probably every other day. If you’re interested in either let me know! I would love to see what you create!
I will be posting on my instagram as I’m completing the daily challenge, you can check me out there & get a peak into the life of a wanna be artist!


Happy creating!

DIY notebook/sketch book

Go from this:


To this!



All you need is come cardboard, extra paper, about 30 minutes and imagination!

For mine I chose a poptarts box because I wanted a portable notebook. I have tons of old spiral bound notebooks laying around and sketchbooks. I ripped pages from both.

I folded them in half length wise then cut the middle of that to get a small rectangle. I stacked my pages sketch then lined and so on so when its open you have one of each.

Once all the pages were folded together you want to place them inside of your cover. Due to the folds, your paper will be sticking out of the edges like in the first picture.
I used a binder clip to keep my pages secure in the cover. I used a trusty Stanley knife to trim the edges. Being extremely careful use the cover as a guide for how much you need to trim.


Once you have all your pages trimmed, remove them from your cover, again use the binder clip to keep your pages from flying everywhere.
Now its time for the cover! I used this adorable scrapbook paper and modpodge to glue it down. I nicked the edges a little when I was trimming the pages down so I used Washi Tape to give a more finished edge. Any excuse to use Washi I’ll take!


I then poked a hole in the top and the bottom of the covers with a thumb tack, I used beading elastic to secure my pages in. I wrapped the pages twice with the elastic to make it more secure. I wish I had stronger elastic but this will work for now. And TADA! Mini notebook for my purse! FOR FREE!